This page will introduce some of the characters in the Minetest story.

We'll discuss the contributions made by a number of people and the role that each person played in an interesting story.

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191009 Wednesday — Non-anonymous Minetest contributors
Andrew Ward aka Rubenwardy

We'll need to set up the contributors page again. Obviously, it should start with Andrew Ward.

Contributions will go here.

Auke-Jan Kok aka Sofar

No Minetest site would be complete without praise for Auke-Jan Kok.

Contributions will go here.

Christel Dahlskjaer

Christel Dahlksjaer.

Contributions will go here.

Stacey Serafin of Fierce Fibers

Stacey Serafin. Head of Fierce Fibers, descended from or formerly known as Thoroughly Thwacked.

Contributions will go here.

Leonard DuBoff

Leonard DuBoff. Troll attorney associated with Auke-Jan Kok, Stacey Serafin, and Fierce Fibers. DuBoff is interesting in that he's a practicing attorney who's physically blind.

Contributions will go here.

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